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Training at Sitpholek .

If you want to train, one time or more, you are at the right place at Sitpholek. Institute of Muay Thai Techniques. You will always train with a Thai trainer. Our trainers are always ready to go the extra mile with you. If you want to, after or before the boxing training, use the old-school gym you are free to do so. 

We are open Monday — Saturday from 8.00 — 22.00. The trainers are here from 8.00 to 10.00 and from 15.00 to 20.00. (Monday – Saturday) Outside those hours they are available for private or if you with a group training.

But please let us know if you want to come in the morning or in different hours and we make sure the trainers are here. 

Staying and Training

If you stay as our guest in the Muay Thai camp the training will be a bit different, Training two times a day is great, The results and improvements are amazing. You will start the day at around 7.00 with running, After you return in the camp the technical training will start. Be prepared to get exhausted! After the training you can sleep or go to a restaurant for breakfast.

In the afternoon around 15.00 the second training of the day start. Of course with running, again, as a good condition is the basic for all the fighters, Back in the camp it’s time for the fun. Pad work, Kicking and hitting the bags and all the training you want to do. Of course under the watchful eye of our Thai trainers together with our own fighters who are living in the camp. Once your done with the training it’s time to relax.

Khao Talo Area

Khao Talo is a very nice neighborhood with many restaurants, Coffee shops and some bars all with a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. If you want to have a look around in Pattaya City “the tourist area. I’ts not that far away with a motorbike taxi. For around €2.50 you are there. Motorbikes are easy to rent for about €7.50 a day, Cheaper if you rent a bike for a longer time.

Contact Team Sitpholek for more information about training.

Very special offer .
Special Offer , stay till 14 December 2018
No excuse not to start training. Train at the camp and be part of the family
Our prices are one of the lowest in Pattaya. We believe inn promoting Thai boxing and it should be available for all.

Opening times

Monday -Friday   8.00 – 22.00

Saturdays             8.00 – 21.30

Sunday                 9.30 – 21.00

19 April closed  ( Songkraan )

Book your room now. From 1000 baht a day .
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