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Welcome at Sitpholek.

Sitpholek. Institute of Muay Thai Techniques is one of the oldest, Foreign owned and started, Thai boxing school and camp in Thailand. Located in a quiet area in Pattaya we are the Training camp for you. 

For over 25 years we have experience with Muay Thai boxing in Thailand. After many years we are now able to let you experience the full life of a “Nak Muay” (Thai boxer). We moved a few times to different locations in Pattaya over the years. Now we have the perfect location, with many rooms, to stay in our camp. Giving you the experience of a lifetime. With over 600m2 of training space. 2 Boxing rings and an MMA training cage, old school fitness gym and a motivated and friendly staff. 

We have our own professional Thai and foreign fighters staying in the camp. Come and discover a different life in Thailand. Train 2 times a day at Sitpholek Muaythai camp; the camp with the family touch. Be part of our family. 

We have several different rooms available for you in the camp. If you want to stay on your own or share a room or with a group. We have all the possibilities available for you. All the rooms have of course your own bathroom and toilet. We have WiFi all over the camp and in our restaurant. 

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Very special offer .
Sitpholek camp. the best place for You .
Contact us for special long stay offers.
Group room.
Now only €785 for 30 days.
Konkaenlek Sitpholek
Changpuek Kiatsongrit
Ramon Dekker training at sitpholek.
Ramon Dekkers

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Contact Team Sitpholek. Give us a message now.
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